Oljemålning. 85x85 cm.

Kristina Ekberg Rentström

Painting and creating are a big part of my life, it gives the satisfaction more than anything else, when I paint I use oil and acrylic and paint mainly women, the female body, and faces. To paint is a way to see life and see the world around you in your own way, I think the body – our soul is the most beautiful thing you can paint.

When I create I feel free to paint the body as I want, without the norms of reality. To paint gives the opportunity to express feelings where words not can
describe what we feel, sometimes is the word not enough.
I like to meet the people who like my art, both on social media and at exhibitions, I have participated in exhibitions both in Sweden and abroad, Which gives me the ability to talk with people about my art.
When I start a painting I have no clear picture in front of me, the painting develops during the work. I always find my motives in myself and I am also inspired by
looking at others artists’ art, but I always want that my art will be in my own way, to be unique and honest. Some days I just study the painting, to get the distance to
my own image, for me, is that a very important process – to find the opportunities
and to find solutions for the work, to make the painting expressive and consistent
in the color – it lays the foundation for a good end result.
I want to create beauty and sensuality, where color and shape can emphasize the
female body.

Oljemålning. 85x85 cm.
Oljemålning 85×85 cm.

color is an important part of the work, to make the color interact with each other, colors in different shades inspire me and make the female body

beautiful. The human body is the most beautiful thing you can express through art, the

human body is a motive that can be embodied in so many ways. It never ends.