Katarina Schoerner Carr

I sketch and paint images to be used in exhibitions or as illustrations for the books I write. I
get my subjects from life around and within me. They can basically be anything at all. A lot of
my inspiration comes from history. I also enjoy making paraphrases of old paintings. The
main techniques I use are watercolor, steel pen, and ink. I dip the pen in Indian ink at
regular intervals creating a peaceful rhythm for my sketching. Art has been a part of my life
since I was a child. My CV contains courses in artistic techniques and academic training in the
science of art at Stockholm University, as well as many years of experience as a museum curator.

I prefer exhibitions that are inclusive and non-competitive and which promote
artistic diversity – there is no right or wrong, just differences. I prefer to be a part of
meaningful contexts but avoid judgments by juries or competitions in art. I’m happy if
my pictures are able to inspire, awaken feelings or thoughts or communicate with people in
other ways.
I am a member of:
The Swedish Artists Association
The Association of Swedish Illustrators and graphic designers
Swedish Writers’ Union
The Writers’ Center