Jenna Kähönen

Jenna Kähönen is a visual artist living and working in Helsinki, Finland. Kähönen graduated as a visual artist at Saimaa University of Applied Sciences in the
spring of 2019.
Kähönen paints with acrylics and oils and she uses various mixed media materials in her works, such as recycled textiles, lace, and yarn. In her mixed-media paintings, colored by lace and thread, Kähönen suggests a delicate connection between the weaves of fabric and biological matter, leading the viewer from grandma’s nostalgic lace tablecloths to anatomical tissue.
In her latest works, she uses the imprint created by the lace to form monochromatic ornamental lace patterns on the surface of the figure. The decorative layer of the skin does not bring the character warmth or protection
from eyes, but rather resembles a net that delimits the character’s body as a whole.