Henriikka Kivelä is a multidisciplinary artist from Helsinki, Finland. Influenced by street art culture, even before the start of her professional career in 2004, her stylistic roots infuse elements of this movement seamlessly with a cold Nordic minimalist aesthetic.

Embracing these roots she considers inks, the simplicity of black and white, and the hypnotic quality of repeating patterns and textures to be her preferred method of expression. Previously Kivelä’s work has been on display in private exhibitions, publicly as part of group exhibitions and in various cultural events such as Flow Festival Helsinki.
Hardly limited to the canvas, Kivelä is also accomplished in the
creation of mood and atmosphere via decorative installations and graphic design for a variety of clients including Finnish musicians and music festivals. Her work could be described as abstract, surreal and dreamy.
However, there is usually a familiar component, detail or texture to be found, often from nature, which roots the thematic concept in her expression of our shared reality.
Kivelä believes that visual art is very much a multisensory experience.
The visual stimulus is but one component, which must blend with space, sound, and even smell to create a holistic
narrative. Her motivation is born from the idea that visual
communication is a process that creates a story inside the mind of the observer.

 As such, Kivelä grounds her concept of art in
our shared social realities and in the separate, unique reality triggered by the observer’s own daydreaming