Helen Efe Doghor-Hötter

My art works in painting, sculpture and multimedia are mostly abstract. They focus on botanical
organisms, landscape and figuration – dealing with fashion and social cultural matters.
Beside vivid elements of my African background, my fascination for shape and elements resulting
from natural phenomena also play a dominant role in my works.
Also, the effect of light and shade, highlighting and extending shapes and revealing new
perspectives and of course man who is also part of nature, extend the scope of my inspirations.
With the application of color, texture, and motif, my work reaches out to engage our inner
senses in a deeper observation and into a personal interaction with its content, which is

unique about my work.
l was born in Nigeria, where l spent my early years and studied art. My childhood memories of a
vibrant social-cultural environment have been a great source of inspiration in my creation of
modern and contemporary art.
I am a Cologne / Germany-based artist working and living as a freelance artist in Europe, since
the 90’s and have had numerous local and international exhibitions over the years.