Gunilla Tuvin

Painting is a need. I have used painting since I was young and over time have tried to find
my own way of expressing myself. I have gone from oil to watercolor, mostly by chance
because oil painting was harder to bring on trips. Now I use both watercolor and
acrylic/oil and find it challenging to practice all disciplines.
I get the most inspiration from nature, the one around us that can enchant in different ways
at different seasons and different times of the day. By the sea, by the mountains, by the
open landscape… Both what is close and further away. But even the city can be beautiful in
different lights and at different times. Capturing a mood and trying to simplify and capture
denominations has become my challenge. Similarly, to strive for contrasts and
denominations. Recently, I have also explored abstract painting. Something that feels like a
natural development.

I have completed an artistic undergraduate degree at Malmfälten Folk High School
Many courses in Sweden and abroad for different teachers such as Lars Holm, Håkan Lager,
Marianne Chayet, Maria Ginsburg, Anne-Marie Löf and courses at Edsvik Art Salon near
Kummelby Church, Sollentuna, April / May 2018
Hjortträdgårdsbibliotek, sep 2018
Hornstull Library, November 2018
Luma Library, Digital Exhibition November 2018
Alvik Library, March 2019
Danderyd Library, March 2019
Enebyberg Library, May / June 2019
Rio Care, Stockholm, juli / aug 2019
Gallery 67, Old Town, Stockholm, Oct 2019
Överby farm, Jan 2020 (Juryjudged)
Blackeberg Library, March 2020

Edsvik National Watercolour Salon, April 2019 (juryjudged)
Spring Salon, Upplands Väsby Art Salon, March-April 2020 (Juryjudged)
Watercolour Salon, Upplands Väsby Art Salon ,Sept 2020 (Juryjudged)
Swedish Art Gallery, Malmö, Sept 2020 (Juryjudged)
Galleri Ekwall and Törnblom, Stockholm, May 2021 (Swedish Artists’ Association)
Watercolour Salon, Upplands Väsby Art Salon, Oct 2021 (Juryjudged)