Carsten Nash

‘As an artist and as a human being, Carsten Nash has always been curious and quick to familiarize himself with new issues. Over the half-year-olds, his artistic expression has changed scenography. However, the content has always signaled warmth and life-affirming emotions that are so typical of Carsten Nash as an artist. In numerous exhibitions in Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, and Finland, his artistic intentions have mirrored both play and seriousness.
He has the rare quality of managing to fit his expression to the surrounding milieu, low-key, but at the same time colorful and humorous.’ Ulf Berg, Nordvästra Skånes Tidninger. 27/4 1994

You like to follow him on a walk in his own universe, which both humorously and playfully contains a philosophical insight and a thoughtfulness that shows that we are dealing with a spontaneous and at the same time asterisk flightless artist.

Over the years, his colors have become more mature and saturated while retaining their youthful freshness.
When you go into Carsten Nash’s paintings, you end up with a new star, colorful, shape-changing, captivating.’


In his pictures, the indistinctness is transformed into a Kantian clarity, where Nash exposes the inner soul of things with a result that has few similarities to the representation of expression in the world of the mind.
It is precisely this sophisticated balancing act between an inner and outer presentation of things that is fascinating about this exhibition, an attempt to comment on the conditions of existence with the artist’s penetrating tools.
The fact that there is also a magical aura to Carsten Nash’s painting, and that it is a gripping painting with aesthetic properties, makes a visit to the gallery a more than philosophical tour.’

Johan Strøm, Helsingborg Dagblad. 29/4-1994

Art is pretty much a YES to life

Friederich Nietzsche

‘I have followed him as an artist for more than twenty years. What an astonishing development from the experiments with readymade and other attachments to the trivial reality and then his current exploration of new languages and unknown land behind the horizons of everyday life.
One of the last oil paintings I’ve seen of him is called “With a magical aura”; The image is like a blasted starry sky, horn ships, factory chimneys, crosses, arms, and other elements from reality seem to be thrown around after a celest explosion. But in all the division and diversity, the picture has a strange whole. This union of violent drama and harmony has the best of Carsten Nash’s paintings. You can see the kinship with Jørgen Nash – yes, yes, it is his father (and why should he deny the inheritance?) but he is also the brother son of Asger Jorn and the adopted child of the entire COBRA and he finds his own way when he balances between the concrete and his attraction to mystery and dream.