Artist: Candi Soul Sparkles

“I love being Icelandic and a free-spirited artist. Expressing myself through art is very important to me. My beautiful Icelandic grandparents taught me to always be authentic and embrace my uniqueness. They were creative and supportive, and they inspired me to pursue my dreams. I am deeply passionate about life and expressing myself through art. Every stroke of the brush, pen, pencil, or even with my fingers is meaningful to me. I pour my love into my artwork, hoping it will bring joy and new life to everyone who sees it. I believe it’s important to pursue my passion for art, as it brings me joy, supports my well-being, and enriches my spirit.” – Soul Sparkles

As a true visionary and deeply inspiring artist, Candi Soul Sparkles brings a spiritual synergy to each experience. She uses her art to go beyond dogma and doubt, emphasizing the value of spirituality, love, self-love, and healing. Soul Sparkles feels blessed by Yashiya with an incredible soul and beautiful perspectives, shaping her life and art. She is an Icelandic artist who aims to create unique beauty and hopes her creations bring love, joy, happiness, and deep thought to many souls. Soul Sparkles cherishes the gift of being an artist and loves to see how others connect with her art.

Soul Sparkles loves exhibiting her art all over the world. Her art curator, Giulia Dellavalle, has presented her in various prestigious exhibitions. These include “Brain Cake” at La Pedrera – Casa Milà in Barcelona, Spain, “Message Of (h)eart” in Times Square, New York, “Night Of Contemporary” in Chania, Crete, Greece, “Borderless, Beyond The Frame” in Oslo, Norway, and “Where the Soul Shines” in Tokyo, Japan and Seoul, Korea. She has also been presented in London, Spain, and Rome, among other places. Soul has received awards such as the International Prize Donatello, International Prize Leonardo da Vinci, and International Prize PEGASUS for the Arts. She has been featured in books and magazines and has created limited-edition pieces for Galleri Soho. You can find her on Instagram (@soulsparkles_love) and visit her online art galleries and artist website: