Heleni Damar


Heleni was born and raised in Örebro but moved to Västerås in 2017. She has Syriac Aramaic roots and grew up with an aesthetic family with painters and musicians. Heleni is an autodidact artist who started painting in 2006. For her, it has always been abstract faces that made her brushes dance, so after 15 years of painting them, she call these faces her best friends. Painting for Heleni is a way to take a break from the everyday life and live in her own bubble for a while. In that bubble, there are no rules or boundaries. “My biggest inspiration in art is Pablo Picasso. He has taught me that everyone is beautiful in their own way, whether you have three eyes or a nose that is upside down. We’re all unique. That’s one of the things I love about painting abstract faces.” Exhibitions: 2013: Färgade Ord, Kulturhuset Örebro 2015: Evolution of Art, Kulturhuset Örebro 2017: Abstract Abstraction, Kulturhuset Örebro & Tegelbruket, Örebro 2019: Västers Slottsrestaurang Charity & Galas A Demand for Action 2016 Humanity for Charity 2015 Musikhjälpen 2018-2021.

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