Ans Duin

Ans Duin is a Dutch artist. She makes colorful, often expressionistic paintings of natural landscapes. Ans worked as a designer in the fashion industry and also organized fashion shows on the cruise ship De Brittannia. On this ship she made 48 sea voyages, with a fashion show and sale every day. After the line to the Netherlands stopped, she started a modeling and casting agency in the center of Amsterdam, which grew into one of the largest agencies in the Netherlands. As a guest on TV programs she was invited to talk about her work as a casting director. A wonderful time – 22 years – with hard and long work. The agency was sold in 2002 and after a long sabbatical with wonderful travels, she started to get the itch to be creative again. Ans started painting as a self-taught artist, attended workshops and courses, participated in many group exhibitions, exhibited in Hilton hotels throughout Europe and is a permanent artist at a number of galleries. Ans Duin’s work is very diverse and colorful. It makes you happy when you look at it. She uses various techniques, from very detailed pointillism in her landscapes to large neon-colored surfaces in her landscapes. Art also allows Ans to embrace and accept life in all its forms, joy and sadness. For Ans, painting is at least as important as the final result, when she paints her urge to create looks for an outlet and in this way she processes her acquired