Vicki Loper

Artist,Austin, Texas,

Hello, everyone! I’m The Healing Artist, Vicki Loper! I am an artist, healer and spiritual teacher. A fun combination, don’t you think? When I was in college, my favorite professor taught his students how to lower our brain waves to Alpha, the most relax and creative state in order to enhance our creativity. Enhance it certainly did! It opened my mind to the universe and taught me to use the spirit world to essentially channel my art! WOW! And it keeps getting better and better. This is the technique I am teaching on my channel. I also, teach the practical art techniques that I use. A combination of both techniques, which is the way I create and have for many, many years. Please join me so that you understand, learn and use this magical mind set to create! YouTube: The Healing Artist, Vicki Loper. Patreon: The Healing Artist I am a prolific internationally recognized artist beginning my art journey at age 11 with Ruth Mogford an acclaimed artist. Then continued my studies in art at the University of Texas in Austin.

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