After thirty years as a critically acclaimed artist in Sweden, Gotland-born Eric Palmqwist opens the door to new parts of his artistry. His paintings and art!

Through the bands Monostar and EP’s Trailer Park and then as a solo artist, Eric Palmqwist has established himself as one of the country’s leading songwriters. His latest record Värmen was released last winter and since then he has toured the country. Wherever his music leads, the path is lined with devoted audiences and rave reviews.

When Eric Palmqwist talks about his painting, he makes it sound like an unexpected crush. Since last spring, pretty much all time has been devoted to painting. He describes how he became “obsessed and blissfully manic” about expressing himself with his palette knives and brushes.

“I actually didn’t know this was inside of me, so it really came as a surprise. But those who have seen my art seem to be touched, so I guess I’m on to something,” he says

He has had his art classified as “expressive naïvism” and “art brut”. He himself doesn’t really care. “In and of itself, I like to break all kinds of rules. I like, for example, a naïve like Slas and am also inspired a lot by the art of eccentrics, because it is a reaction to the more educated art. But at the same time, I am quite unbridled as I after all come from music and like the playfulness of not knowing how to or should do things,” he says.

Eric Palmqwist often lets his music and his painting flow together.

“It’s a bit like music and text. You can work with the contrasts between light and dark, seriousness and humor. I try to paint with my adult child. That’s probably the starting point for all my music and art,” says Eric.