Rineke De Jong

Artist, Netherlands

Rineke de Jong is a versatile artist who not only excels in combining abstract and figurative styles but also has a strong foundation in classical academic art. Her artistic practice encompasses painting, drawing, and other mediums, allowing her to explore a wide range of techniques and approaches. In her abstract/figurative combination style, De Jong showcases her innovative approach to art-making. By incorporating elements of abstraction and figuration, she creates dynamic compositions that challenge traditional notions of representation. Her use of bold colors, expressive brushwork, and geometric shapes adds depth and complexity to her artwork. In addition to her abstract/figurative work, De Jong is also skilled in the classical academic tradition. This classical training provides her with a solid foundation in techniques such as anatomical precision, composition, and light and shadow. Through her classical academic work, De Jong demonstrates her ability to capture the human form and create realistic depictions that showcase her technical prowess. By incorporating both abstract/figurative and classical academic elements in her artistic practice, De Jong showcases her versatility as an artist. She seamlessly combines different styles and techniques to create artworks that are both visually compelling and conceptually rich. Whether working in a more experimental abstract/figurative style or employing classical academic techniques, De Jong’s artwork reflects her dedication to artistic exploration and her ability to create impactful and engaging pieces that resonate with viewers.

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