Mark van Maanen

Artist, Arnhem, Netherlands

Mark van Maanen I am self-taught, born in 1967 in Arnhem, the Netherlands. Since childhood, I loved drawing. In an ongoing process of years of experimenting with different materials and tools, I have finally found my own style. I was constantly looking for the contrast between light and dark. Combined with different shapes, a depth perspective was created in my first black-and-white works. I discovered that the nature that inspires me wonderfully unconsciously emerges in my work. Each painting thus gets its own “Dimension of Nature”. A special viewing experience that takes you on a timeless adventure. In my creative process, I am increasingly looking for light and space. Shapes change to different layers, colors appear, and find a passage to new areas. “Dimension of Heaven” was born, with which I want to convey hope and encouragement. Continuous, deepening, and always innovative, takes me to other places. Light, space, structure, shapes, and colors translate into the “Dimension of Landscape”. Landscapes that subtly coincide with the heavenly with which I want to express beauty, adventure, and confidence.

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