Greg Stirling

Greg Sterling

As an artist, my journey has been a fascinating exploration of various styles, techniques, and media. I began my artistic endeavors in 1980, immersing myself in abstract expressionism and the art of the 20th century. Over the years, I delved into post-war impressionism, constantly seeking new ways to express my creativity. However, it was a realism that truly captured my heart. The challenge of capturing the essence of reality on canvas, and then by digital illustration, became my passion. I experimented with different techniques, pushing the boundaries of what I could achieve. Through my paintings, I aim to evoke emotions, tell stories, and connect with viewers on a profound level. Beyond painting, I have a deep love for digital illustration. Capturing moments, textures, and light inspires me. My creativity becomes an extension of my artistic vision, allowing me to freeze time and share glimpses of beauty with the world. I am also a kinetic artist and design engineer based in San Jose, California. Growing up in a Chicago suburb, I inherited a fascination with all things mechanical. My lineage includes a master machinist father and a great-grandfather who invented the Stirling Engine. This Mechanical heritage fuels my passion for kinetic sculptures, where movement and form intertwine. My journey spans both the tangible and the imaginative. Whether it’s through my paintings, digital illustration, or kinetic art, I strive to create pieces that resonate with authenticity and evoke wonder. Welcome to my world of creativity.

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