Gill Bustamante

Artist, Sussex , UK

I am a professional artist based in East Sussex who creates large semi-abstract landscapes, seascapes, and wildlife paintings in oil on canvas. My painting style is very distinct and fuses art-nouveau, impressionist, and semi-abstract techniques with traditional portraiture that reflects my love of nature, animals, birds, and the flora and fauna of the landscapes around me. My main working method has been the development of a painting style I term ‘memory impressionism’. This method involves going walking somewhere, looking at and absorbing the things I see and experience, and then returning home to my studio to try and capture an echo or essence of the place from memory – including any wildlife I may have seen. By this method, I can capture the essences and echoes of places and the feeling I have about them. I love the ancient landscapes of England and my paintings often reflect the spiritual elements that such landscapes have.

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