Elles BB

Artist, Netherlands

Hello my name is Elles Blankenstein Bezemer, hence EllesBB. The common thread in my life is ‘BEAUTIFUL’. This started early in my childhood and has become 2nd nature. All my life, I have been involved in design, decoration and fashion. I have worked for a number of well-known Dutch interior designers and for a long time I had a shop myself in Deventer. First vintage and curiosities and later American seconds combined with fashion. I have always tried to make my surroundings beautiful and embellish them. I can only find peace in harmonious surroundings. And if that is not there, I create it. I paint large canvases with great panache, you could almost say I plaster them. Hardly ever with a brush, mostly with rollers or spatulas and whatever is within reach. I usually work ‘wet in wet’ and that’s actually because I’m in a hurry. Then I’m in a flow and can’t stop. Many artists can see things in their mental eye and with that they have an idea of what they want to make. I don’t have that. I can’t imagine anything. 5% of people have that. I have a feeling and when I start working with that something emerges – and only then do I see what it becomes. Then I add some touches here and there. I know that artists often have a certain theme or subject; I only have that to a limited extent. Sometimes I do have certain periods with more or less similar works. Then suddenly it all turns into a short or longer series. Thanks to my website www.ellesbb.nl, not only do potential clients know where to find me, but I am also regularly asked for exhibitions at home and abroad. In the meantime, I have also won an award. I hope you enjoy my work EllesBB

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