Artist, Poland

My works are based on imaginary situations that could have occurred in everyday life. Situations depicted in my works are mostly staged, but in fact, are based on real scenes that have remained in my memory, more or less transformed. In my paintings, people and objects appear, a man in the context of reality, a man in architectural expanses. Sometimes there are natural scenes. On my canvases, I do not falsify the shapes of the objects, but I try to show my attitude towards them in their changes, their evolution. It gives me the possibility of not focusing on the appearance of the painted subject or person but on the idea and conception of the painting. In my paintings, you can notice the spirit of expressionism – often in the unstable form of imaging and explicit emotions – resulting from thoughts about the world and thoughts about man – placed on the canvas. Some paintings are close to outer reality; it derives from many factors – a willingness to change, different from earlier ideas about the paintings, due to new searches in form, interests in different iconography, ending in differences in painting techniques. I also try to show different people in everyday life. Its depiction, especially depicting a man, is still a pretext to comment, to describe, or to present voyeuristic reality and to put the result of this onto paintings.

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