We are promoting contemporary culture through Art, Design, Craft, and Innovation practices in Västerås city to an international audience and vice versa.

Västerås International Art Fair is born to build and establish a vibrant platform in our city and long-term relations with artists, galleries, art organizations, and collectors worldwide, through presenting high-quality and diversity of different media in an actual and virtual space which allows a large number of people to visit our fair and learn about what our city is offering.

We are always focused on presenting contemporary art on an international level and putting Västerås on the art map, we are working actively with artists, designers, art consultants, and galleries to create a unique and well-blended collection that we proudly offer to our collectors and visitors.

We are happy to represent well-established artists this year as Amador Montes, Steve Jensen, Francesca Falli, and at the same time opening the doors to many highly talented local and foreign artists.

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We need partners who can contribute as co -organizers, mentor, hold a workshop or an outdoor activity, you can also be a logistic or technical partner.
You can also partner with us as a tenant, Buy our products , and services.
All contributions are valued and we hope you want to join us on this exciting journey.

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