Västerås International Art Fair

17-24 October 2020

About VIAF

We are Launching the first-ever international art fair in Västerås, Sweden in 2020!

In the oldest city in  Sweden and Northern Europe, which remains one of the main logistical centers in Sweden, Our association has created  VIAF  ( Västerås International Art Fair ) which is opening the  doors for integration and collaboration to get through one of the worst time that has faced our generation, using the best medium of communication “Art”.

Our mission is to promote the appreciation of visual arts by presenting high-quality and diversity of different media in an actual and virtual space that allows a large number of people to visit our city and to explore contemporary art which supports our mission to nurture the love of art.

We are inviting contemporary independent artists and galleries worldwide to join us!

We are taking all precautions for the current pandemic outbreak and we are following the Swedish Health authorities rules and regulations.

Driving Tourism

One of the most extraordinary things about art is its capability of turning any region into a choice tourism destination. Part of this ability comes from art’s wide appeal. From seniors to children, there are ways for everyone to engage in and learn from art. .

Creating Culture

When you think of some of the most culturally diverse and renowned cities on Earth, they all have at least one thing in common: art. From local galleries to life-size wall murals, a community full of art is a community full of culture. Research has even shown that cities that emphasize art have more civic and social engagement, better child welfare and even lower poverty rates.


With Covid 19 out break, most of the exhibitions and fairs world wide were forced to close their doors, Fortunately here in Sweden everything is normal but we have to apply the restrictions of the Swedish health authorities.
So we are opening our doors with an innovative solution.

Stimulating business

Arts organizations stimulate business and economic growth in a community. The creative industries throughout the United States employ nearly 3 million people and make up around 4 percent of the nation’s businesses. These businesses and the creative people they employ, empower and support encourage innovation while playing a vital part in building and sustaining a local economy. Each year, non-profit arts and culture organizations alone pump an estimated $60 billion into the national economy

Put västerås in the art map

To use this opportunity to arrange the 1st International Art Fair in Västerås will give a big helping hand and a huge step forward to our city economy in the coming future. Maybe this year due to COVID 19 won´t be many international tourists but hopefully by the 3rd year we will reach bigger numbers. If we work together to market this art fair , it will flourish and the results will be beneficial to all of us.

Help your local community

Due to the effect of COVID 19 many local brands were forced to shut down, which made a huge impact in the local market.
Now we want to turn this around and make this a positive opportunity for both artists and businesses in the heart of our city center.
As There are so many talented artists in Västerås who usually exhibits in other cities and abroad we also want to create an opportunity for them to show their works in a big event in their home town.

Visability to your brand

Västerås International Art Fair will put your brand in the prime locations of Västerås in the spotlight at one of the biggest Cultural events in the city so far . The Fair booths locations are Shops in the middle of the city center.
Booth one : SoHo Art Shop Stora gatan 18.(
Booth two : A temporary empty shop which is located in sturegatan on the otherside of Sushi Yama.
Booth three: Galleri SoHo . in Hantverkargatan , Centra.

Inspiring young minds

For art to remain a significant part of our society, we must pass it along to the younger generations. Art centers across the country do this by providing classes, programs and summer camps where youth go to learn, grow and create. It has even been found that children who receive education in the arts have higher GPAs, better test scores and lower dropout rates. By inspiring and encouraging children to embrace their individual creativity, we give the resources they need to succeed in life.

Inspiration & motivation to your cooperate

Art is so important in difficult times like this, and can be a comfort and inspiration by it´s beauty and ability to connect us to universal emotions.

It's an inherently creative Space. Creativity is in the very nature and purpose of an art gallery. Artists have poured creativity into the pieces they’ve produced, pursuing an artistic vision. It is near impossible when in a gallery not to feel enlightened and inspired. Meeting in such an inspiring Environment is a effective energy booster that will motivate your team and help them to thinking about creative solutions. Surely your VIP´s will appreciate to come along !

Sponsor Benifits

Pre event Recognition

Onsite recognition

Pre-Event Recognition :

 -Social media promotion 
-Website presence
-Email Blasts
– Fair advertisements
-Event Flyer
-Press Release
On-site Recognition :
-Program inclusion
-Branded VIP tent at entrance ( If allowed  due to COVID19 restrictions)
-Logo on Event sponsor Banner
-Logo on the shopping windows of all the fair booths which are located in downtown Västerås.
-Logo on the front of the event t-shirt
-Logo on Fair Flags
– Cooperate item in goody bags
-Logo on the back of the event t-shirt

Post -Event Recognition:

-Out going press release
-Company newsletter
-Thank you E-mail Blast





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