“We Ship worldwide  & Offer Different payment solutions – Feel Free to contact us”

“We Ship worldwide  & Offer Different payment solutions – Feel Free to contact us”


Veronica Garcia Rossini  Founder and CEO-VEXA GAIA

Veronica was born on June 29, 1980, in Buenos Aires. Argentina.

“I was always a hopeless romantic and utopian “I always wanted to do something to make the world more beautiful and people happier”

VEXA GAIA was created three years ago, after a long journey of experiences, and experiences through Latin America and Europe.

For my profession related to human development and international relations, through work at UNDP; I was able to deeply know the Latin American aboriginal communities, their weaknesses as well as their strengths.

During those years, the idea of ​​taking the strengths of the artisan work of native communities to the world of fashion and circular fashion was taking shape. It was the way that the work of generations of master craftsmen did not fall into oblivion and was reevaluated in the luxury goods market.

I perfected myself and investigated the fashion trade and I was able to discover that there was an (increasingly large) niche of consumers who valued handcrafted pieces even more so that they themselves could experience production traceability.

We arrived at the market with the proposal of giving our artisans a platform to make themselves known, where the payment for each product is determined by the quality, complexity, and uniqueness of what is made and not by the search for maximum profitability of the company

The consumer can access collections that are distinguished by a high craft component. For the possibility of knowing the creation process from a traceability line and certificate of origin-

Latin America and Argentina in particular; is a unique sensory experience; through each piece, we can experience its culture, its shapes, its smells, and its vision.

VEXA GAIA Co-creates with each artisan and puts avant-garde and cultural pieces on the market at the same time. With quality seals.

With love, Verónica