Sweet Meng Hådell

Sweet Meng Hådell

Presently, Sweet Meng is a curious painter of flowers and lights in nature.  She was a long-time practitioner of the art of ikebana (Japanese floral arrangement). Born and raised in Singapore, she studied western floral arrangement and floristry in California, and is a qualified teacher and graduate of the Sogetsu School of Ikebana and Manako Flower Academy in Tokyo, and the Ikenobo School in Kyoto. She started her own florist shop which she went on to manage for 12 years. She also taught at a florist school in Singapore prior to venturing overseas.


Sweet Meng settled in Sweden in 1997, where she promotes eastern and western cultural exchange through her floral art and other projects. She participated in exhibitions in Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Sweden. 

Sweet Meng has been an accredited member of the American Institute of Floral Designers, Baltimore since 2006, and currently runs her own renovation and interior decor business leveraging on her aesthetic and artistic talents.

Member of International Art & Culture (Singapore) Federation




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Monstera leaves ii
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