Susanna Geidemark

Susanna Geidemark

SUSANNA GEIDEMARK Born in Finland (1965), moved to Sweden in 1969. Lives with my family in Hallstahammar. 

Works everyday as a graphic designer at Idébild Advertising agency in Hallstahammar. Throughout my life, in one way or another, I have had one interest in color & shape. As a kid, I used to draw and much. Later in life, his free time was devoted to handicrafts, pumpkin / folk painting and calligraphy. In 2012, I decided to fulfill an old dream about teaching me to paint watercolor.

 I try to spend a lot time for painting and constantly striving to develop and find my own style. Light and weather changes in all seasons fascinate me and I like to get inspiration in my immediate environment. 

I’m painting not of photographs, but would rather try to convey my own experience of a moment, a memory or a mood. Water color painting is patient, paint and water take their own ways, so it does not always turn out as planned – but it’s exciting and fantastically fun – and me love it!

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