Västerås International Art Fair

17-24 October 2020

About VIAF

We are Launching the first-ever international art fair in Västerås, Sweden in 2020!

In the oldest city in  Sweden and Northern Europe, which remains one of the main logistical centers in Sweden, Our association has created  VIAF  ( Västerås International Art Fair ) which is opening the  doors for integration and collaboration to get through one of the worst time that has faced our generation, using the best medium of communication “Art”.

Our mission is to promote the appreciation of visual arts by presenting high-quality and diversity of different media in an actual and virtual space that allows a large number of people to visit our city and to explore contemporary art which supports our mission to nurture the love of art.

We are inviting contemporary independent artists and galleries worldwide to join us!

We are taking all precautions for the current pandemic outbreak and we are following the Swedish Health authorities rules and regulations.

Pre event Recognition

Onsite recognition

Pre-Event Recognition :

 -Social media promotion 
-Website presence
-Email Blasts
– Fair advertisements
-Event Flyer
-Press Release
On-site Recognition :
-Program inclusion
-Branded VIP tent at the entrance ( If allowed  due to COVID19 restrictions) 
-Logo on Event sponsor Banner ( 100 cm)
-Logo on the shopping windows of all the fair booths which are located in downtown Västerås.(100 cm)
-Logo on the front of the event t-shirt
-Logo on Fair Flags
– Cooperate items in goody bags
-Logo on the back of the event t-shirt
-One Fair booth will take the sponsor company name
Post -Event Recognition:

-Out going press release
-Company newsletter
-Thank you E-mail Blast

100 VIP tickets( the sponsor can choose instead 2 company events with 50 person under the fair period in the gallery of choice)