Soheil naderi

soheil naderi

I was born in Teheran (Iran) and moved to Italy in 2012. 

In 2017 Bachelor’s degree of 110/110 with honors in Painting at the Academy of Fine Art of Brera, Milan,  Italy. Since 2018 at today, I work as a high fashion textile designer for the company Ratti S.p.A.  based in Como, Italy. 

Since I was a child I have always preferred painting instead of talking or writing. During my childhood, I related to the world only through drawing. 

I observed and watched quietly and carefully all the things that surrounded me. I observed especially the ordinary things. I’m still devoted to drawing because is a sort of bond between me and the external world.  

I always begin with the study of visible reality, which however I repeat many and many times to try to translate what I see and hear into an expression different from mere visual analogy,  correspondingly to the theme. I observe and look in silence, with attention to everything that surrounds me, especially the simple things, which flagrantly reveal the intrinsic poetry that envelops every natural form.  

So, slowly I move away from nature to arrive at a different language but always derived however from the same, through transformations and poetic additions. But there is always an archaic harmony present in my mind, combined with the harmony of nature: a dense weave that is woven by a perpetual motion of lines and rhythms, which follow one another like imaginative signs of a work woven with passion and patience. 

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