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Shireen Ikramullah Khan (Bio)

Shireen Ikramullah Khan is a Pakistani artist, museologist, and art writer, with a background in painting and printmaking. She completed her BFA in 2006 from the prestigious National College of Arts in Lahore. Her time at the institution would be described as the most crucial for the development of her skills and style, and she continues to work on the same lines although her practice has evolved in several ways over a period of time. 

From 2008-09 she completed her MA in Art Gallery and Museum from the University of Manchester in the UK. In addition to interning at the Manchester Museum, she completed her research on the educational and cultural benefits and workings of museums in developing nations. 

Since 2010, Shireen has regularly been writing on art trends, museums, and exhibitions for various publications, including DAWN (Gallery section), Nukta Art Magazine, Blue Chip, ArtNow Pakistan, and Art Radar Hong Kong. During 2010-2011 she worked with the National Art Gallery in Islamabad, Pakistan as a researcher on a Government-sponsored project to create a database of artwork in all the public institutions of the country. 

From 2011-2017 Shireen has involved with Cambridge (O&A Level) students in the capacity of an Art Counsellor for their final year projects and portfolios while continuing to hone her own artwork. In 2017 she was asked to submit a painting for the Imago Mundi project ‘Lines in the Sand-Contemporary Art from Pakistan’. 

Shireen has assumed many different roles in the art world, including that of an educationist, critic, visual artist, art consultant, and museologist gaining valuable experience in each field. She uses abstract imagery to delineate different human sentiments-thoughts that cannot otherwise be articulated. She gives tangibility to these sentiments by depicting them in an array of color and amorphous forms, thus through layering, she translates her thoughts into visuals. 

Shireen continues to maintain her own visual art practice and has been part of many exhibitions in Pakistan and abroad She currently resides and works in the Netherlands. 

Artist Statement

An artistic image is representative/representational by nature. 

Understanding the representative meaning of a work of art is the main task of a spectator who looks at a picture. Envisaging the work, the viewer is undergoing the atmosphere illustrated in the painting. Each work of art or visual symbol used in the genre of the landscape has its own interpretation and is associated with its own meaning. As an element of art language, the artistic image in each painting is unique. Complex emotional responses of the viewer to a work of art are the result of the successful use of the means of expression, particularly tropes, which serve to create an artistic image. I have been painting apertures to other worlds, windows, and orifices through which lie dreamlike views of unnamed spaces. Different motifs frequent my images, with a lot of layering of texture and color. The surfaces are imbued with palpable tension.