“Invest in Yourself Today to Leave a Lasting Mark on History”


Sara Jacobsson

My penchant for painting faces and animals probably comes from the fact that for several years in my early painting, I mostly painted portraits. After a high school education with an artistic focus, I took some watercolor classes in my early adult years. For many years I then painted mostly in watercolor.

In 2019 there was a big turn in my painting when I discovered a more intuitive painting. Today I primarily paint in acrylic and like to supplement my paintings with other materials such as crayons, thread, and marker pens. I also paint portraits, mainly of animals, so if you are interested in a portrait of your friend, contact me.” Sara Jacobsson

“Painting has been with me on and off since my early teens, and I find enjoyment above all in the stories that arise and take shape when I paint.

I usually create without a clear plan, where I let desire and intuition guide me to find motifs on the canvas. The motifs come to life, they take shape and different directions. In my paintings, you can often see both graphic elements, darkness, and humor, as well as these animals which always seem to appear.