Ruth Jensen

The field of tension between what I see and what I experience is the focal point of my work

I always have been happy to draw, and in 1990 I became a student of the artist Grethe Bagge, who
opened my eyes to painting. Later I followed various courses, most recently with Jesper Palm, oil
painting and Anna Tørnquist, watercolour.
The motives are diverse. For a period it may be nature that sets the painting in motion, but it may
also be old buildings, people or events that I find interesting, and then it becomes a small series of
I work with oil and watercolour, two very different materials. The long cool stroke with the oil colours
gives time for reflection during the process, while watercolour is here and now. It is fascinating to
follow the movement of the colour pigments in the water. I don’t always know what’s going on.

Member of:

  • Nordiska Akvarellselskapet
  • Artcom Expo International Association of Artists,
  • Group of painters: Amarillo,
    Exhibitions at home and abroad

Ruth Jensen
Baunevej 41, 2630 Taastrup, Denmark