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 ‘Empty Yet Full’/1991, 3D Installation, Glass Jars and Wooden Shelf

Glass  Jars are cleaned and ready to be filled again. Just after 1991 Independence, Ukraine is cleansing itself of its Soviet historical connections and is on the cusp for creating a unique Ukrainian identity. The jars might seem empty but they contain dust…memories of the past that can never truly be erased.

‘Full yet Empty’/Waiting For You, Watercolour and Pen

This work depicts the result of feverish activity of all mothers and babushkas to last for the lean months of winter or war. The colour and large number of full jars fills one with the prospect of joy in future. The shades of red and text on jars of names of young lives lost in senseless war. The shades of green hint at some pickles that never get eaten and the jars are kept for memories for the mother who made them but didn’t survive to eat them.