Nebula 41

Ai-Generated NFT art

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Nebula 41 is borne from the vision that anyone and everyone can create art. The user can together with a deep learned AI create unique and one-of-a-kind art every single time using a text to full visual render generator. Each art piece will have a story tied to it, as users will be compelled to draw and create what they love. Create your own NFT, just as you want it, and have the chance to redo it until you are satisfied enough to immortalize it on the Ethereum blockchain.

Paint Your Blank Canvas

Nebula 41 is giving artists the chance to mint a Genesis NFT in form of a Blank Canvas which can later be swapped with a full render. This is to reduce the pressure of getting the perfect render right away for artists that don’t have time during the first sale. The Blank Canvas will show up in your Metamask as an NFT and it will be swappable with a render even after the collection is sold out. There is no time limit on when to use it.


Apart from creating your own NFTs, the utility of the genesis tokens is that the holder accrues $PAINT by proof of holding, which means simply not listing it on the market. The token can be used to buy utilities or new NFTs from the shop. The user will be able to choose and add music or sound to the 8K [MP4] render as they like.