Questions and Answers for Participants

Do I have to pay VAT for my participation?
All prices are including 25% VAT , 

Can I sell the exhibited works?
Yes, you can. You can talk to passing visitors with the purpose to inform them and to stimulate their interest. (Please note, do respect the freedom of the visitors: they need to have the opportunity to view the exhibited works peacefully). You can also give away name cards, art cards and flyers. Even more, of course you can also make follow-up appointments by e-mail, at the homes of those interested, in your atelier (or work studio) or in any other way.

What if I sold one of my works?
If you sold your work and the buyer wants to take it home right away, you have to provide the buyer with a signed form for the security. This is to prevent theft of any works. You will receive this form from the organization on the day that you display the works of art you want to exhibit.

And The works will be sold through us and we are adding 

Can I display the prices of my works?
Yes, you can display the prices of your work on the stickers that are provided by the organization. It is advised to display the prices of your works.

Do I owe the organization a commission if I sell my exhibited works?

 You can decide on the selling price yourself and the organization add 10% commission fee

Does my partner need an entrance ticket to enter the fair?

No, the fair doesn´t demand the visitors to buy tickets, except to some activities that are arranged to the side of the fair such as Artist talk, networking events, lectures and workshops

Are there guidelines I am supposed to follow during my participation in the Västerås International Art Fair?

Yes, in order to obtain a nice presentation of the works, guidelines apply for each participant:

  • The participant can mainly decide himself/herself which works will be exhibited and sold during the fair. However, there are rules concerning the style, used materials and the age of these works. However, there are some, hereafter communicated, restrictions.
  • The works that are exhibited need to be dry (paint, glue, etc.) and sharp objects, toxics, or in any way otherwise dangerous substances, cannot be processed in the works.
  • The works that are exhibited need to be fully completed for exhibition, this means, framed (or spanned) with a decent suspension system or, in case of a sculpture or any other 3d object, needs to be able to be placed directly.
  • Formats of the artworks and design objects: works can have a maximum height of 230 cm which  need to fit into the depth and width of the rented stand.
  • Installations can only be exhibited if it will not take any longer than 1.5 hours to set them up

Am I supposed to be present in my stand during the fair?
No, you aren´t obligated.

Specially with the pandemic outbreak, you have the option to ship your works and our curators will take care of the rest.

Note : the works have to arrive to this address : Stora gatan 18, Västerås , 72212, Sweden before Wednesday the 14th of October 2020

When can I take home my work if it is not sold?
You can take your work home after the opening hours of the fair on Sunday December 8th, namely from 17.30 (NOT EARLIER).

Or we will ship back your unsold works but we wouldn´t bare the shipping costs.

When can I bring my work and will the fair be set-up?
You can bring your work from Tuesday until Thursday afternoon, this day the fair will be set up. In order to improve the flow, you will be given a timeframe in which you can register and bring your work for set-up.

Where can I park my car when I bring my work?
You get a separate message about this.

What is the parking fee during the fair?
the information will be provided soon.

How do I reach Västerås International Art Fair (transportation)?
All location information and directions can be found on the website

Can I bring my own chair?
No, it is not allowed to bring your own (folding) chair. The organization will provide you with a chair in your stand. This is to pursue harmony and visual tranquillity in the exhibition halls.

Can I bring a display case to exhibit my work?
Yes, to exhibit your small works (jewellery for instance) you can bring a display case. This cannot be higher than 250 cm and needs to fit into your rented stand (width and depth).

Do I need to bring nails to hang my work myself?
No, you do not need to bring nails to hang your work on the walls.  not all spaces will allow this hanging system Even more, some have another hanging system You only need to make sure that your work has a suspension system. The organization will provide you with purloin cords and hooks.

Can I bring multiple works?
Yes, you can. As long as you stick to the guidelines and conditions of participation.

Who decides whether my works are used for publicity?
The organization decides which works will be shown on the website, the entrance tickets and/or any other publicity expressions. The organization will not charge additional costs when pictures of your works are used, unless there is a written agreement of deviation. Publicity expressions for which a contribution is asked, will be clearly communicated in advance. Discussions regarding the decision of the pictures is not possible.

Will my name as a participating artist be displayed on the stand?
Yes, the organization will provide your stand or wall with a display of your name.

Can small reproductions of my own work, like postal cards and bookmarks, be sold as promotional material?
Yes, it can. As long as your actual work is the main work, the whole stays oversee-able and if everything will be placed in your stand. Besides that, there is a table on which all the participating artists can put their (business)cards, brochures, postcards, etcetera, to be taken by the visitors (for free).

Can I bring backup work in case I sell work?
Yes, you can.

Where can I stay the nights during the fair?
There are many hotels in  Västerås . In all price ranges. A general booking site showing all the possibility’s and prices is

What if I have other question than to be found here?
In case you have a question that is not answered above, you can send an e-mail with your question to