What the eyes have seen by Izla photography




What the eyes have seen by Izla photography

Size: A1
Glas & black frame
Price 8200kr

I usually say that traveling is like studying life. Not by reading it in a book or
hearing about in a lecture, but by experiencing it itself. Omo Valley in South
Ethiopia is undoubtedly one of the most unique places on earth. It is inhabited
by a wide variety of fascinating ethnic groups, having rich and distinct cultures
and history. We had just entered an Arbore village after many hours of tough
driving in the rough adventurous terrain. Some women approached me and I
started to take some photos of them. Then I noticed this little Arbore boy
observing me. Time went and he started to play trying to catch my attention.
He climbed on a tree and that was when I took this image. As I look at it today
I wonder where in life he is. And what his eyes have seen.


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