Senti-Mental 23



In Senti-mental, a series with 100 images done between 2005 and 2010, fragments of psychedelic colours and memories trap inside a kaleidoscope. To create this beautiful set of hybrid images, I collected old, discarded bromide prints/negatives from commercial studios, antique shops, and old markets of South India. Transforming found photographs have always interested me. I also have included a few photographs that I had shot. These chiselled moments from the South Indian analog memory lane blends with the magic touch of digital manipulation gaining a sleek, contemporary look. The gaze, pose and firm grip of the studio photographs are a reminder of the colonial fear. The comfortable and relaxed poses and the fearless gaze of the images I have shot and included in the series signifies the levels of popularity and affinity that this medium has gained over the decades. Time and again, history has proved that ideas that may not be valued at certain periods may be lost/forgotten, only to be valued again, sometime in the future.

this single edition works of size 60″x60″

The Archival Prints will be made on Hahnemühle papers using UV-resistant ink. All Hahnemühle papers are extremely resistant to ageing and have the highest life expectancy class of several hundred years. The durability of prints, i.e. the print permanence, depends on the ink and can last for more than 100 years with UV-resistant ink (pigment ink). Extra UV protection is advisable if the print would be excessively exposed to sunlight. It is dependent on the customer’s preference and can be done with an additional cost of 10% artist price.


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