Limited offer 3 Autumn candles: Harmony by cc




Limited offer 3 Autumn candles: Harmony by cc

Rectangular Art candle (Orange, Yellow, and Black)

About our candles: Each candle is handmade and unique and has been stringently tested to ensure a safe burn. With the luxurious wax blend and high quality of the materials we use, we would like to fill your home with a wonderful and exhilarating fragrance.

About our fragrances: A great scent can enhance your day, and even has substantial health benefits, like relieving stress and anxiety. It can remind you of breathtaking places, bring back joyful memories, and even improve sleep (burn it before going to bed).

1-Size: H: 11cm, L: 8cm
Weight: 630gr
Scent: Citrus
Burning time: 70h

2-Size: H  9 cm, L 8cm
wight: 370gr
scent: citrus
burning time: 30h

3-Celender H 15 cm

Each candle is unique and inimitable, and therefore, no candle will ever be exclusively the same as the other


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