“We Ship worldwide  & Offer Different payment solutions – Feel Free to contact us”

“We Ship worldwide  & Offer Different payment solutions – Feel Free to contact us”

Leather Eye bag horn


This bag is a unique piece of art by Araceli Garcia and is carefully crafted. A combination of art, craftsmanship, and technology.

It is part of the “Haus” collection inspired by the space we inhabit. Each bag is unique and hand-painted. There is only one in the world.

With natural materials of the highest quality. Vegan cactus leather, eco-suede lining, and sliding drawstring closure. Sustainable materials and patterning with a paint finish on the edges. It comes with 3D printed handle parts made from PLA, a compostable bioplastic made from cassava or corn.

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Araceli García is a visual artist from Granada, Spain. After spending her whole
life painting and researching, she discovers in art a way to reflect the
connections that exist between human beings and nature. Supported by other
arts, she finds links between poetry, dance, and cinema to nourish her plastic
Since 2016 she integrates her expressionist painting with the world of fashion to
bring art to other media. She develops the idea that art is alive, making it live
with people, and defends the idea of taking art out of the four walls to take it
with you, in each garment, where the person can enjoy it.
Her painting is emotional, centered on large gouaches reminiscent of
watercolor or Chinese ink. The brushstrokes run along paths through the
seams and the work becomes a three-dimensional painting.
She is committed to highlighting the value of craftsmanship, the care with
which each piece is made and the concept of the unique piece. But at the
same time, she is a great supporter of the use of new technologies, which are
also magical in their own way, as they allow you to capture moments and keep
them in time as they happened, so that many people can enjoy them.
Connections, nurturing them, is what gives rise to art.
In addition to her brand, she works with her own exhibition projects and
collaborates with other artists, writers and designers to create from richness
and diversity.


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