hunting in 2020




Food!! I am feeling more and more panic, will we end up being without food, if we can´t import some groceries soon? My head was spinning and was thinking about all sorts of crises preparedness. I did receive a folder from our government some years back, but where did I put it… searching, searching. I the end I had to make a phone call to my friend which I know has an emergency kit with food, water and all sorts of things at home. How is she feeling? Scared, anxious? I must ask. – What do you have in your box? … I started to buy lots of preserves, pasta, hard bread, dry goods, toilet paper… most of all, I felt the need to take my family and run out into the woods, I felt an of shame of being a simple human and not able to hunt for my own food, a simple human taking things like shopping for grocery´s for granted, and when standing in a queue at the mall buying processed food with my electronic bank card. I don´t have time to think about eating healthy so my book about anti-inflammatory diet book just must wait. I don´t have the energy right now. – Oh! What would happen if the internet just shut down?! I can´t use my bank account! I must withdraw some cash!


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