“We Ship worldwide  & Offer Different payment solutions – Feel Free to contact us”

“We Ship worldwide  & Offer Different payment solutions – Feel Free to contact us”

“Christmas at Grandma’s” 2022- Fine Art Print

Provided by Emelie A Glessner


This listing is for a beautiful 11×14 inch giclee print of my painting “Christmas at Grandma’s”. The original was painted with acrylic gouache on illustration board by me, Emelie A Glessner, 2022.

The painting has been professionally digitized and printed on 100% cotton, acid free, watercolor paper, using high quality, archival ink.

The image measures 10.5×13.5 inches with a 1/4 inch white border, adding up to 11×14″ to fit a standard sized picture frame for easy framing.

The price includes FREE shipping to Europe.


About the artist 

Emelie Anna Glessner is a Swedish-born, American painter. Her work is influenced by the world, and life, she strives to create for her own children. A world rich in substance, characterized by childlike playfulness and innocence, grounded in strong family traditions, values, and community. 

Working predominantly with oils, her work celebrates the human connections which came before [and some will argue, died with] the global interconnectivity of today, as brought on by modern technology.

“My children are my biggest inspiration. They invite me back into a world, of which I once belonged, 

a world of magic and wonder.” Emelie A Glessner

Emelie is currently working, and raising her three children in the beautiful Catoctin mountains, in Maryland, USA. 


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