Artsy membership for our artists only




the Artsy Partnership Programme is optimised to address many of the needs you may have:
I am happy to extend an invitation for you to join our Artsy on the following options.
  • Artsy Plus at 100 €/ month (12-month contract, 40% commission on Buy Now/ Make Offer sales) but an offer for our artists that participated in our opening exhibition it will only be for 25€ (250 SEK): 
  • This plan is designed to drive sales and connect you with a global audience of collectors. On this plan, you will be able to use your Portuguese speaking liaison, an Artsy Market expert, to help you optimize your online presence for sales and make you more competitive within the marketplace. In addition, the Folio app, which gives access to your artworks on the go, can help you easily present, share and email your pieces with collectors looking to buy your works. 
I have also attached a video of our analytics tool for your reference:
SampleGallery (1).gif
Online Exclusives – This show feature is a great way for you to curate a collection of works or to highlight specific artists.
Augmented Reality – This feature allows art buyers to preview two-dimensional works by virtually “hanging them” on their walls via the Artsy app, a great tool to suggest to your international collectors who are considering purchasing your works from abroad:
Artsy AR.png
I also wanted to share our recent Online Art Collector Report 2019 and a short article with key findings:


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