Artist, Västerås, Sweden

Born in Argentina and trained as an architect in UBA, University of Buenos Aires. Graduation year 1986. As a child and young person, she participated in artistic art workshops for watercolor painting, sketching and sculpture technique which provided the basis for an active artistic life. Living and working in Västerås, Sweden since the 90s. Has several courses at the Color Institute on colored clay, the coloring of facades and interiors. As well as having additional studies in graphic design and design. Parallel to her professional life as an architect in Sweden, where most projects were created, illustrated and designed into finished buildings, Graciela has participated in several separate and joint art exhibitions, including a jury-judged art exhibition in Strägnäs, Kålbäcksådalen Konstrundan and in gallery Soho. First solo exhibition was in 1997 at gallery Nykvarn in Enköping with only watercolor paintings with the city’s streets and old buildings as motifs. Also had some commissions for artistic interior and exterior decoration in newly built residential areas in Uppsala and Västerås. Is a member of the local Artist’s collective workshop and responsible for the art gallery for the members. The sculptures are made of glazed stoneware clay where the glaze is brushed before the second firing to bring out the ceramic color tone and the feel of the material. The works are inspired by human life, dance and song where body movement and facial expressions create the character. In her sculptures, she plays with humor and presence that puts the viewer in a good mood. Her ceramic figures and her colorful watercolors reflect playfulness and temperament. Graciela has her own way of expressing herself in an artistic landscape where each creation becomes unique.

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