Patrik Klintell

Patrik klintell

With my painting, I simply want to share and draw attention to the beautiful colors, shapes, and light that can be seen in the environments around us – in everything from nature to urban environments, civilization, and all objects designed by us humans. I’m always aiming to capture the light in the object.

I developed my interest in painting in my early teenage years, in my childhood town Nora, in Bergslagen. My interest in art has stayed with me since. After attending a number of part-time- and evening classes in figure drawing and painting (in the 90s), I earned an associate degree in General Art from the College of San Mateo, California in 2002. I currently live in Västerås, where my interest in painting has escalated during the past years.

Instagram: @patrik.klintell

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In the shade
In the garden
Freshly from the orangery
Sweet, seedless and Eco friendly
Freshly made
Selected still life from the Orange Garden_
The collection of chosen still life are painted from the idea of an imaginary orangery or pool house garden with orange trees and grape vines in abundance. Naturally, we enjoy a delicious glass of freshly pressed orange juice in our garden. Or perhaps a cold beer later in the afternoon – where we are geographically in this imaginary moment is in large irrelevant.

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Luxury parlines
Utsikt mot Domkyrkan, Västerås
Östra hamnen, Västerås