Participation request VIAF 2021

Established and emerging artists are welcome to apply.
All types of art could be submitted: Paintings, Sculptures, Phtography, digital art, immersive and kinetic installations,…etc.
To be eligible for participation the artist/designer must therefore meet the following criteria:
Completed a recognized professional education in Art or design field and/or has been working as a visual artist for at least three years.
Registration fees are non-refundable €25 and later if you will be chosen you will be billed with the participation fees.
By paying the registration fees you will enjoy our membership benefits for half a year.
Galleries could apply on the behave of their artists and also Art collectors can apply to share their collection.
The application will be assessed by the balloting committee, within five working days after your application, you will receive notification by e-mail whether you have been selected and your application will be converted into participation.

Deadline: 5/10/2021

Included in the participation fees:

  • Help with installation and Curation
  • Inclusion in the fair general marketing : Posters, Ads, Newsletters,..etc.
  • White walls ( could be colored if nessary with extra fee)
  • Gallery spotlights
  • Fully equiped pentry
  • Chairs for sitting
  • Invitation to the pre-opening
  • Free entrace to the fair visitors
  • PR services
  • Printed tags for works with QR code
  • Shop and portfolio page on our website for 1 year ( we charge 30% commission on sold items
  • We understand that due to Covid-19 many countries are closed or have travel restrictions, we offer help with sales and payments (we charge 20% commission on sold works, which is sold vias us under the fair period)
  • We don´t cover shipmment or transportation fees to or from the exhibition but we help you to unpack and pack your exhibition.
  • The artist is responsible for the insurance of the art works , we handle all works profissionally and if any damage happen from our team we take full responsability .

Participation fees :

By number of works: 50 € / work maximum size (40×60 cm ), work size above 50 x 70 cm will be counted as 2 works

Or by Running meter 150€ / running meter (1-meter width x wall height )

Exhibition Spaces:

We offer a physical and/or digital platform:

  • SoHo Art Shop : Stora gatan 18, Västerås (fully booked)
  • Galleri SoHo : Hantverkargatan 10, Västerås (3 running meters available)
  • (More Spaces to come )
  • If the space will be shared 2+ artists please add this information in the application form.
  • Please note that all partition walls are movable so the space could be reshapped in needed.

Our digital platform is included when you book exhibition space, but you can also participate only on our digital platform for 250€ for one year and you also get free membership to our Business club.

Exhibition location 1: SoHo Art shop ( fully booked)

Exhibition location 2: Galleri SoHo (Opened for booking : 3 m Left)

Participation request VIAF 2021