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We love helping you to fill your empty walls, add nice scents and  finding timeless design pieces that you enjoy everyday.

You can get all our services in store and online.


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The first AI generated art collection on Ethereum with a full MP4 visual rendering

NEBULA 41 is borne from the vision that anyone and everyone can create art. The user can together with a deep learned AI create unique and one of a kind art every single time using a text to full visual render generator. Each art piece will have a story tied to it, as users will be compelled to draw and create what they love. Create your own NFT, just as you want it, and have the chance to redo it until you are satisfied enough to immortalize it on the Ethereum blockchain.

You can buy NEBULA 41 creations at Galleri SoHo Or directly from their website.

Project by : Rekar Dilanson and his team

Public sale is now open

How It Works

01 Login with your Metamask wallet

02 Enter a word or phrase

03 Select your properties

04 Click render and wait for your preview to load

Our platform which is dedicated to promote and distribute art experiences based on technology such as augmented reality, interactive and immersive installations, kinetic sculptures , 3D works, digital art and NFTs.

We also work closely with artists, designers, architects, crafters, programmers, scientists and Art tech developers.

Upgrade your space with Amazing Artworks

Discover our collection of Amazing artworks, design items, handicrafts and NFT handpicked from talents worldwide

Monthly curator picks

by: Lars of Sweden
By: tony bowen
By: Anders Borgenhag Holmqvist
by: Annika Borgenhag Holmqvist
By.: Amador montes
by: Heleni damar
Keeper of the secret
By: barbara rachko
blue templum
by: diana butucariu
by: frank forsman
Det gåtfulla folket
by: marina björkman
by: Karin Mona Törnkvist
Hors bleu
by: MAppa
freshly made
By: patrik klintell
by: Izla bethdavid

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soHo Art Shop

Opening again march 2022

Right Now
SoHo Art Shop
is temporarily closed !

We moved all artworks and Handcrafts to Galleri SoHo !

At SoHo Art Shop Artisans can exhibit and sell their works.

We only accept sustainable and small batch products to guarantee quality, exclusivity and to protect our nature.

colonial Basket
Storage and organizers
Art candles
Harmony by CC
Kids gifts
unique gifts suitable for kids
Handmade products
For the table top
Handmade Skincare products

Galleri SoHo is empowering independent talents to reach their dreams!

We are dedicated to promoting contemporary culture through creative practices in the art, design, crafts, and technology field, As we believe that the future is in helping and encouraging independent talents to develop, that is why we are creating, building, and gathering tools for them to showcase, connect and grow, We are empowering talents from different genders and ethnical backgrounds through our global and multicultural B2B (Business to Business ) and B2C (Business to client ) platforms in order to establish connections, build bridges, and create a vibrant, strongly integrated sustainable market.

Get Inspired

We organize and host diverse exhibitions to inspire our visitors on virtual and on site platform. You also get to enjoy your hobby.

Market place

Our platform is a market place for artists, art galleries and brands to exhibit and sell art, design , crafts and arttech


We are a meeting point for talents worldwide
We also organize art residencies and symposiums


We hold and host courses, workshops, artists talks and lectures in art, design, handicrafts, music and more.


Join a circle of Artists, designers, innovators, curators, art collectors, companies and organisations


We organize a yearly exhibition of
 pioneer´s works dedicated to art collectors and our web shop have a curated collection from emerging and established artists worldwide

We are promoting Sustainable development, Diversity and multiculturalism

Sell art & design with Galleri SoHo

Galleri SoHo Market place offers brands customized solutions & concepts online and onsite

Open your Vendor page on our website, rent a space at our showroom or your shopping window in central locations, we offer marketing , SEO and other tools to help you starting your brand of test a new market.

Our mission is to promote the appreciation of visual arts by presenting high-quality, diverse, multi-cultural, changing and permanent exhibitions of different media in an actual and virtual spaces, create different types of events that allows a large number of people to explore and integrate with the contemporary culture from different places in the world that supports our mission to nurture the love of art, in the same time we are impowering people to start their career in the creative field by offering them tools, platforms, network and customised services . 


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