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Nabeela Al Khayer

Nabeela Al Khayer is a Bahraini artist. She attended workshops in London, Paris and Geneva and for several years she has participated in international group exhibitions as in London, Singapore and Paris recently. Since she has been rewarded with the Silver Leaf Award in 2003, she has been multiplying solo exhibitions on all continents from East to West. The originality of her work has attracted many viewers and collectors and it can be found today among the collections of Bahrain and Jordan’s national museums. For decades she has dedicated her art to women’s beauty and nicety through bright colors and revealing details about their backgrounds, their traditions, norms and folklores. Progressively, art piece after art piece, the figures have faded , colors have darken, giving room to the sounds of waters. A key transition from faces to waves, from vivid colors to sober tones, from details to shadows and movements. By transposing our resentments and feelings in the waters, it absorbs it and changes its nature. While the mesmerizing realm of the freshwater lakes reflect  every detail of the changing skies bringing us peace and serenity, the seas and oceans reach our deepest feelings.  The ocean inhales the feelings we exhale, this pain and joy repeatedly screamed. A beauty filled of contradictions, the central point where meet serenity, agitation, ambiguity, coldness, warmth, horizon and reflection.