“Invest in Yourself Today to Leave a Lasting Mark on History”

Mia Älegård

I like to try new things as I don’t want to stagnate but often return to certain motifs. Watercolor is my main expression, but also acrylic I love to paint on large canvases from time to time. Nature, people, emotions – everything inspires me. It is when you look inside that you convey the truest. The goal of my art is to touch and if I succeed in it, it is perfect.” Mia Älegård

Since 2016, Mia has been painting watercolors, but she has been drawing and painting, in general, all her life. It is her refuge from the outside world, but because she is inspired by her surroundings, it is also a reflection of it.
“After many trips in life, I have finally found “home”. Art makes me live fully, and I like to convey beauty, reflection, and a bit of humor.