Melle skärfstad

Melle Skärfstad is a multimedia artist working with projects related to the human body, sexuality, feminism, as well as exploring what is beyond and in between.

She’s interested in the connection between the body and the soul through the lens of the feminine. Through painting, photography, video, and sculpture she explores subjects related to these topics trying to open up to questions instead of answers. She strongly believes in the philosophy that everything we have learned and believed was right, could be wrong. Melle grew up in the countryside of Sweden, and from a young age was making clay figurines and drawing the horses she grew up with. She now lives and works in Barcelona, where she’s been guiding moon ceremonies and working with the moon for many years. Through ceremony and her journey of teaching yoga and meditation, she draws inspiration for her creative work. She’s also studied tarot and other mystical practices that have influenced her creative process of art-making. Melle studied fine art at the school of art and design at San Diego State University and then later graduated from Metafora in Barcelona. Her work has been shown in exhibitions in San Diego, San Francisco, Barcelona, Berlin, and Sweden.