Marwa Rashid ALkhalifa

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Marwa Rashid Al Khalifa
Marwa Rashid Al Khalifa is a mixed media artist and photographer. Marwa pushes her
boundaries, incorporating different materials and techniques, to create works broaching a
spiritual aura, inviting the viewer to meditate and embark on a personal journey.
Marwa Al Khalifa has exhibited locally and internationally. She was selected to exhibit her art at
Assilah 2014, among a group of Bahraini artists for being one of the young artists who have
stepped outside the boundaries of a canvas.
Marwa received second prize for her work at the 44th Bahrain Fine Arts Exhibition 2018. She is
the recipient of the Bronze Palm Award at the 3rd Visual Arts Forum for GCC Artists held in
Doha, 2015.
Her work has toured with CARAVAN as part of the “I Am” exhibit, which started in Jordan in
May 2017, and has continued touring to the UK and USA. The exhibition continued touring throughout 2018.