“Invest in Yourself Today to Leave a Lasting Mark on History”

Welcome to MARIA CARELLI, an exquisite artisan jewelry brand that blends sensitivity, creativity, and care for details to create unique pieces that enchant those who
wear them.
Each jewel I create reflects my emotions and captures the essence of the duality that characterizes me. My work is a combination of positive nostalgia, remembering my
roots and family warmth while also embracing the renewing energy of the sea and new experiences.

Through my jewelry, I invite you to connect with your emotions and embrace your own dualities. My jewels convey the message of hope and overcoming,
reminding us that like the sea, our emotions can be turbulent and wild, but also full of
beauty and serenity. Wear a piece of our story, knowing you are wearing a jewel that
celebrates both beauty and elegance.