Digital Waste: The
Sweet Smell of Burning


The notion behind the series “Digital Waste: The Sweet Smell of Burning” highlights the behavioural issues of taking excessive photographs and a disproportionate exchange of worthless information on various social media platforms. Furthermore, both these behaviours lead to much deeper concerns such as living in the virtual world, instant gratification, detachment from emotionally meaningful relationships and it’s hypnotic effect on a human mind. The works present these issues metaphorically through photographs, objects and interactive audio-video. The intention of these works is to raise awareness of the current social issues in a subtle yet humorous way.

The photographs and objects primarily use the rejected images. The video work highlights the engagement with meaningless information, at times leading to vocalisation (arm-chair activism) or at other times demonstrating indifference towards various social issues.

Juxtaposing these works together initiates a dialogue, at the same time individual pieces are capable of independently stimulating a thought process.