Letizia Prestipino

Letizia Prestipino

Letizia Prestipino (1995, Milan) is an Italian visual artist based in Milan. 

After spending her Education in Berlin, where she studied Fine Arts at Universität der Kunste Berlin, she graduated with a MA in Painting at Brera Academy in Milan, Italy where she currently lives and works. 

Her craving for painting lives in the gesture. The gesture takes shape in the concept of the body, that means also the matter. A body that drinks light and fades in space. Those two elements are both researched in the work. Light is what allows the vision and permits to recognize different places and bodies in the space, so light and body are space.

Light is what allow the vision and permit to recognized different places and bodies in the space, so light and body are space.

Past Exhibition:


13 – 17 September   “HUMANISM”, The Holy Art, Athens, Greece

4 – 19 September  “0,03”, Sacro Monte di Varese, (Va), Italy

June 10 – July 3  Virtual National Exhibition, Denise Bibro Gallery 529, Chelsea, New York City, USA

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