KAtarina thomassen

Katarina Thomassen is an artist from Värmland who mainly paints paintings in watercolor. She has the ability to create images that tell a story. By examining movements and directions, she invites the viewer to reflection and conversation but also a moment of rest and stillness.

She is attracted by contrasts, clear colors, and whimsical compositions, and with the brush, she creates a magical light in her pictures, whether it is a figurative portrait, a landscape, or some other playful motif. Watercolor as a technique requires a lot of focus, and is complex and somewhat unpredictable, which provides tackling challenges, she says herself.

Her art adorns the walls of private individuals and companies but has also been purchased by art associations and the region.

Right now she is working on a children’s book project where she received a development assignment from the Värmland region in 2022. In parallel with her own creation, she also holds courses through Folkuniversitetet Karlstad.